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Our Vision

Farmeco seeks to reconnect people to land and environment by being a hub around which seasonal activities and celebrations for the community can focus on.

Farmeco Writing Competition

Food! Farms! Community! What a future? A competition for young people and school children.
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Regeneration Program

This programme will offer multiple short courses teaching attendees a wide range of skills of propagation.
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Cider Club

Juice and Cider making are a core part of our work at Farmeco as it is a good source of food.
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Adopt a Tree

For just £50 you can leave your mark at Farmeco or commemorate someone or something special.
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Our Mission

Farmeco is establishing an edible woodland Project which is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable and that improves the lives of the community.

Buy Shares

There are two ways in which you can complete the shares application form to join Farmeco Community Care Farm.

The Farm

Enjoy a quiet and refreshing walk in the farm or take part in harvesting and juice pressing or other community activities in the farm.

Our Shop

Buy our farm produce, shares and book training programs from our online shop and help build a sustainable farm.

Community Share Offer

Farmeco Community Care Limited (Farmeco) is excited to announce the launch of our community shares offer to give you an opportunity to invest in our farm and become a co-owner. As an investor, you will help Farmeco to build an inclusive, healthy and resilient organisation which takes practical steps to overcome the social, environmental and economic challenges faced by our planet.

Why Invest

i. Become co-owner of Farmeco ii. Be invited to special events on the farm; iii. Be entitled to one vote at general meetings of the members; iv. Be updated regularly through a member’s newsletter and Annual Report; v. Be providing longer-term security to the farm, investing to increase access to local food while benefiting people and our planet.

The share offer opens on 10th Jun 2018 and closes on 31st March 2019. The share price is £1.00 per share investors can apply for a minimum or 100 shares (£100) or a maximum of 5000 shares (£5000). There is an additional cost of £30, the annual membership fee.”

Since the core purpose of the share offer is to reduce dependency on grants, any amount we raise will go towards this purpose. As such, any target reached will support our goals being: i. Improvements of edible woodland area including accessibility, footpaths, sign posts, plaques, gazebos, information boards and trees mapping ii. Improving the marketing and promotion of Farmeco products and services iii. Investing in equipment such as fruit juice production, woodwork and trees management training, office working space and basic office equipment.

Our Farmeco Team

The Farmeco team truly believe that by farming in a holistic manner we preserve and improve the land in which we farm for future generations.

We work hard to be become the best in our chosen areas and strive for excellence across the board through the ongoing commitment of our small team.

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David Rose
Head of Farm
Angela Watoni
Project Admin
Kristina McCormick
Cider Lead

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