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Gain Diaspora

GAIN Diaspora is a membership organisation for African led and African focused organisations in Nottinghamshire.

As a membership group, we aim to bring African groups - businesses, community based organisations, religious organisations, professional bodies and individuals [professionals, refugees, asylum seekers, students etc] living in Nottinghamshire together to promote interaction and collaboration in our shared interests.

GAIN aims to promote growth, cohesion, resilience and sustenance amongst and between African groups. This can only be achieved by the identification of the needs of African communities in Nottingham to ensure that specific solutions tailored to the needs of the people are provided. African groups will be given the support they require to survive and be effective to their members. There are a good number of disengaged African groups in Nottingham that are not functional; having a body that supports them in manpower and finances will ensure that the groups are sustainable and can cater to the needs of their members.