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Farmeco serves multiple communities locally and prides ourselves for bringing the city to the farm!

Rural Communities

Farmeco serves two core and diverse communities in terms of their geographic, social and ethnic divides. The first group is the local community surrounding the farm and the rural areas within Nottinghamshire. The members of this first group live in and around Screveton village and the neighbouring villages and towns.

They are predominantly local people with some links to farm and rural lifestyle and in need of expanding their links to the farm and rural environment, hands on participation in what is happening in their local area and with some knowledge of Home Farm and the community work happening in and around the village and the Farmeco. This group will often require little or no community support to get to the farm and individuals will often make their way to the farm either alone or with partners, friends or family.

City Communities

The second group is the people living in Nottingham City, mainly in the inner city and often from the black and ethnic minority background. This group, which constitute the new and emerging communities are mainly characterised by high levels of disengagement, isolation, deprivation and limited, if any, rural and environment engagement. Unlike the first group who will be attracted by their previous experience and interest in Home Farm and related areas, members of this group will be attracted by curiosity and interest to engage with rural British life. Their recruitment and engagement will be based on both individual and groups, such as community groups and organisation membership, who will facilitate the transport and engagement with Farmeco. In these early stages, and based on our current experience, these groups require support in transport, translation, food and engagement with the farm.

Both groups are and will however be served in a similar way with members engaging with the farm in all activities Farmeco undertakes, being offered the farm and edible woodland produce and services to enjoy and being encouraged to identify ways they can best use and benefit from the Farmeco’s products and services. In addition to becoming members of Farmeco, these communities will be encouraged to bring their members to participate in the farm activities and events, use Farmeco for their personal and family events, support their schools and other service users to come and have outings and outdoor activities in the farm among other things.

These groups will come together to help make a positive contribution through Farmeco through deeper engagement in neighbourhoods and by encouraging better involvement of different people with Farmeco thereby increasing our opportunities for growth and sustainability.