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We've empowered more than 1000 people with access to safe land for tranquillity and access to fresh fruits and Juices.

Our woodland management programme enables volunteers to have a structured, practical experience, learning the basic principles of organic farming over a certain period. It’s a great way to skill-up and gain experience in growing.

Founded on passion and experience

Volunteers are offered the opportunity to get involved in all stages of crop production on the farm, as well as other projects relating to the development of the space. Working alongside us you can learn about propagation, planting, care and maintenance, harvesting, grading and packing. Additionally, you will have opportunities to take part in soil preparation and management, composting, green manuring, pest and disease management and irrigation. There will be an informal programme of practical learning based on being out there in the fields and polytunnels and getting your hands dirty!

Our approach is proven and powerful

Farmeco seeks to reconnect people to land and environment by being a hub around which seasonal activities and celebrations for the community can focus on. This is an opportunity for people to interact with rural farming life by demonstrating the abundant, diverse and non-chemical edible woodland food production which is nutritious and therefore beneficial to health and personal wellbeing.  By using permaculture principles, the system will grow to be self-sustaining, increasing soil fertility, requiring low maintenance while producing a diverse range of outputs. We are working on becoming a high-profile project that has the potential to raise the status of Farmeco nationally as it will form part of a network of community owned and run farms, thereby facilitating exchange visits and eco-tourism.




Farmeco has a number of members.



The edible woodland area is 6.8 hectares (16.8 acres)


Trees and Shrubs

It has a total of 4,500 trees and shrubs which will serve as a food production and recreation grounds.


Species of trees

It consists of 30 different species of tree and shrub

All Members


 He is the owner of the Home Farm who leases the land on which Farmeco is located. As a farmer, David brings a wealth of farming, crop processing and business experience together with relentless drive to create a sustainable environment for education and community spirit.




She is a Masters student at Nottingham Trent University doing a Master’s degree in Finance with a passion for community engagement, social cohesion and business development.

Angela Wathoni



She is a qualified teacher and a specialist in Special Education Needs (SEN). As proprietor of Plant Magic and Animal Magic, Ceri Anne facilitates both therapeutic and educational horticulture and animal care, based on the farm. 

Cerri Anne Joseph



He is the owner of Caffe Velo Verde 

Paul Green



He is a local resident and an initial member of the group that formed Farmeco. He brings onboard business management and seasoned IT profession and skills.

Jason Hearse



Valentine brings onboard superb business and community management and engagement skills and competencies.

Valentine Nkoyo