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Juice and Cider Making are a core part pf our work at Farmeco as it offers source of good food, practical work, skills development and resources for sustaining Farmeco projects. 

Apple Juice

Here at Farmeco we make apple juice in the traditional method. Fruit is graded and washed before being milled to a fine pomace, this is then pressed by manually. We have different varieties of the apples which are individually pressed.

The fruits are ripened on the tree until fully mature, harvested and pressed for full flavour. This has been so successful that the cooperative has now supplied juices to farm shops, farmers markets, local and city residents to expand their market.

What makes our juice unique?

We hand pick all our apples and pears which are carefully pressed using the right speed and tension depending on the fruit. Our products are 100% juice, no added water, chemicals or sugar like most commercial apple juices.


Farmeco has been making cider on site since they started growing fruit trees. The cider made on site is mainly a bit of a hobby for us all but we are pleased with the results. Unlike most ciders, the vast majority of the fruit which goes into our cider is dessert or culinary fruit.