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This woodland creation project has turned a large field into a future ‘Edible Woodland’, with the planting of thousands of fruit trees.

The Edible Woodland model was conceived with the aim of re-engaging people with food production. Perennial crops are the least mechanised, requiring high labour input. The diversity of the Edible Woodland and the production of crops which are familiar and edible without processing make it an excellent opportunity for community engagement.

All species are native to the UK, and will yield apples, pears, cherries, damsons, apricots, limes, plums and more. Our vision for the woodland is about sustainability in both economic and ecological terms, and community.

Here is a slideshow of images from the project so far, from planting in the new year of 2017 to early summer. It’s going to be exciting seeing the trees grow and change in coming months and years through the image and video record we will be keeping.

The Edible Woodland offers…

  • Opportunities for a financial benefit at a time when farming is under challenging pressures.
  • The trees turn an area of open, empty land into a rich habitat for wildlife, providing shelter and food.
  • A genuinely beautiful place for people to not only visit, but also take ownership of the woodland via a ‘lease’ scheme where they can interact with and care for the trees, and use the crop themselves.