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Food! Farms! Community !  What Future? - A Competition  for young people and school children.

Food! Farms! Community !  What Future? - A Competition  for young people and school children.

Young people have strong views on where they live, on farming, on health and on education. 
At Farmeco, we have always been keen to make sure that the opinions of the next generation are heard and the topics that matter to them are aired.  We are therefore planning a competition, asking young people to write a piece or draw a picture with the theme “Food, Farms, Community, What Future?”

We are challenging young people to write a rhyming poem, a haiku, a  lyric, a shape poem, a rap or an acrostic poem to illustrate how they feel about themselves, where they live, the food they eat and their future.
The competition is aimed at highlighting talent as well as promoting the different projects that Farmeco is currently supporting. We hope that young people from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Kenya will share their experiences and dreams with those of us in the UK. If a poem does not appeal,  then a diary entry, a short story, or a reflection (up to 500 words) will be accepted for entry. A drawing or a painting will also be welcome. Interpretation of the competition title is very flexible. The piece might be about the incredibly important role farming plays in a local area or in the economy. It might be about  experiences growing up , or the differences between one country and another. We hope it might also highlight where young people see farming and food growing in the future.

The competition follows on from a recent visit to Kenya where a young person wrote a fantastic piece about being a young farmer. We hope to engage children and young people with agriculture and to get them thinking about where their food comes from. We intend to share the entries in different formats, both through paper and the internet. We have partners abroad who can help and support with language interpreting.
Each entry will have a link back to a school community or family and include a brief autobiographical note about the entrant.  Prizes will be awarded in different age groups  (to be listed soon). For example prizes could be,  free visits to farms, learning materials or sports equipment. The winning pieces will be published in an anthology celebrating the thoughts and dreams of multicultural communities around the world. We intend this to be published in December 2019.   

The competition has been developed by Farmeco, not only to reconnect communities with their food, – where it comes from and how it gets to their plates – but also to enhance their understanding of how farming impacts on their lives and to open their eyes to the many career opportunities available in the sector. The launch of this competition is May 1st. We are grateful to BBC Radio Nottingham for inviting us onto the Dean Jackson show on the 24th April to talk about it .
We intend for some early entries to be read and displayed at Farmeco Open Farm Sunday on the 9th June 2019.  Closing date for entries is the 1st August.  Winners will be announced in early September 2019.

There will be a display and readings at our local farming show, Flintham Ploughing Match on September 26th. Schools are invited to attend. David has offered to visit schools or community groups to discuss this competition with teachers or the children directly. David will also be doing a YouTube message to encourage participation! A book will hopefully be ready for the Christmas market. Sponsors,  judges and prizes will  be announced very soon.

If anyone has sports equipment they are able to donate please get in touch !Schools and Children in these countries have very few resources to enjoy sport.
Please email for more information,  rules and guidelines.

Project co-ordinator 
Angela Wathoni
Projects Admin & Finance
Mobile: 07513661176
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.