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Become a member of Farmeco Community Care Farm.

A golden opportunity to become a member of Farmeco farm


Share Offer Documents

Farmeco is excited to announce the launch of our community shares offer to give you an opportunity to invest in our farm and become a co-owner. As an investor, you will help Farmeco to build an inclusive, healthy and resilient organisation which takes practical steps to overcome the social, environmental and economic challenges faced by our planet.
Download the Share Offer Brochure Here

Founded on passion and experience

Having ran the farm since 1933, David’s family is looking for different approaches in making the farm productive and sustainable. Over the last six years, Farmeco Limited run the farm using grants, funding, sale of products and services and fees from visitors. This had limited success.

Following extensive consultation, with a wide array of stakeholders on the future of the farm, it was agreed that we open the farm to the public to buy shares through the community benefit society model. Following successful conversion in 2017, we are now inviting members to join Farmeco as shareholders. We are excited to be opening our farm for membership to the wider community, taking us forward to the next level. This share document tells you about our plans and why you should invest in our farm.

Our approach is proven and powerful

Charity alone is not a long-term solution. We seek sustainable financial solutions that empower wider communities to access land and take part in active decision making.   We aim to bring like-minded people together while raising funds to widen our involvement in agroforestry and environmental matters, increase accessibility to healthier fresh food produce, enhance community participation, engagement and capacity building and making Farmeco economically sustainable.

View Farmeco Business Plan Here