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Moli Yoga

Last Date: 2019-05-05 00:00

Venue: Farmeco Community Care

Deepen your practise and expand your knowledge of yoga, develop mindful movement. This course involves 60 hours of experiential study. Learn about the eight limbs of yoga, the history of yoga, philosophy, chakras, and types of yoga.

Requirement: Two years' experience with a quality-assured practitioner (BWY or other valid training). Places are selective and limited. With last years course was more than fully booked, 2019s students can expect to join a dedicated and diverse group. 

This course will provide the basics and serve as an introduction to BWY diploma (although not a compulsory prerequisite this foundation course is useful preparation for those wishing to train to become a BWY Yoga Teacher). It will also be complementary to other yoga training courses such as 200 hours or 500 hours Yoga Alliance.

"Natasha is inspirational and bursts with knowledge.l started out with little confidence and have been inspired to go to teacher training diploma ... if you ' re thinking about it ... do it! Do it for yourself and watch how do you grow ... it's magic ... Natasha is magic ... the Eco Farm is a beautiful place and you will meet like-minded special people that become your yoga family! "


Come and join us to restore, blossom, learn and relax on FC1  see starting in June 2019 for all dates and costs see: 

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